WW2 Messenger-Satchel Chocolate Brown


36 x 30 x 15 cm

The WW2 Carry-Satchel was reproduced directly from an original military motorcycle sling messenger-Satchel that was issued to the desert dispatch riders in North Africa during WW2.  It’s made of 580gsm heavyweight cotton canvas, with heavy 50mm cotton webbing for the sling strap!  The seems and edges have been double stitched, and the inside seems have been finished with a 25mm (South African flag) binding tape all around so no raw edges…in other words, the inside of this bag is as pretty and strong as the outside!  As the owner, this is my personal bag and favourite because it is big enough to take everything you would need in a work, or play situation, and is great to travel with!  The inside passport/security pocket gets well used!!

We have added a 25mm leather strap-patch, which can be used to strap extra cargo to the outside of the satchel!

You can choose the waxed or un-waxed option, or you can purchase the G7 Fabric wax cake from us and wax it yourself!

R1350-00 (Unwaxed) or R1800-00 (Waxed)

1 x cake of 50gram G7 Fabric wax is R65/cake

(2 x cakes light wax – 3 x cakes heavy wax)