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Murfey Back-Pack Navy


36 x 25 x 16 cm

The ‘Murfey Back-Pack’ design was a collaboration between my daughter Murfey and the design team at G7 Utility, for the perfect festival/everyday lifestyle back-pack with security being the main criteria! The reason for this was that the normal ‘Drawstring’ style back-packs are really easy for thieves to slip there hands under the main flap, and take your cellphones, money, ID cards etc. So what we did was close the main compartment with a 2 slider zipped ‘plum’ opening, and put a zip through security pocket at the back of the bag for your valuables! We boast six pockets on this heavy-weight, super stitched cotton canvas back-pack, as well being fully lined with a funky South African flag binding tape throughout! We have also introduced leather fasteners with Swedish roller buckles to add extra quality as well as a great look!

You can choose the waxed or un-waxed option, or you can purchase the G7 Fabric wax bar from us and wax it yourself!

Price R1399.00 (Unwaxed) and R1850.00 (Waxed)

1 x cake of 50gram G7 fabric wax at R65.00/cake

(2 x cakes light – 3 x cakes heavy)