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About G7 Utility

Having been in the clothing/fashion industry for almost 30 years, we have seen a gap in the market for something that will fit in perfectly with the worldwide drive towards all things vintage!

From the biggest and oldest brands like Levis and Wrangler, to the more contemporary brands like Edwin and G-star, the great love of heritage product – made in an era where craftsmanship, durability, style and quality were never in question – has resurfaced in a massive way!!

Whether it be the use of vintage rigid and raw selvedge denims, or companies like Redwing, Wolverine and Thorogood, who have been manufacturing beautifully crafted work boots/footwear and jeans since the turn of the century, the demand for well made, over engineered heritage product is growing daily!!

With all this in mind and our relentless passion for quality product, we have started manufacturing a military grade heavy weight cotton/waxed cotton canvas carry solution range, to offer an alternative to all the Asian made plastic and nylon luggage that is all that seems to be around these days!!

A fully comprehensive Range that will eventually cover everything from wallets, purses, messenger bags, backpacks, to large volume duffel carriers, and everything in between!

It has not been an easy task, as none of the local mills are weaving heavy weight (560gsm) cotton canvas, nor has it been easy to find a factory who have the machinery and skills to stitch/build what I wanted to achieve here…But after a year of tenacious searching with compromise not being an option, we believe that we have achieved the level of quality and craftsmanship, that is on a par with any of the military contractors and manufacturers of old!! Even more exciting is that it is all weaved and manufactured locally!!

We can’t wait to do a ‘Limited Edition’ WW2 style navy bleached white canvas range…awesome!

Great Quality

We never sacrifice quality for price – your G7 Utility product is built to last you a lifetime.

Worldwide Delivery

We have sold and delivered G7 Utility products to customers in over 17 countries around the world.

Made in South Africa

G7 Utility products are proudly designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Number of Ranges

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I don’t travel anywhere without my G7 Duffel Bag – it’s the ideal piece for sailing.

Adriaan Gie

Really chuffed with my Backpack Al – thanks for sending it all the way to Tampa, Florida. Friends love it.

Nicole Goodman